Friday, February 14, 2014

Bank Signs 38 Mini MRA Again

With the increasing number of bank-related Mini MRA (Master Repurchase Agreement), then participation banks also more spacious and has represented the entire group of banks Book I to Book IV. Bank of Indonesia (BI) to facilitate the deal with miniature MRA signatories ( Master Repurchase Agreement ) phase II by 38 banks. BI Governor Agus Martowardojo explained, Mini MRA signatories had previously been done by 8 banks pioneers conducted on December 18, 2013 ago .

"Joining the 38 banks, the number of market participants have agreed to use a standard agreement bertransakis Mini MRA in the repo (repurchase agreement) to 46 banks," said Agus, the time of signing the MoU Mini MRA between banks in the Bank Building, Jakarta, Thursda, February 13, 2014 .

According to him, with a growing number of banks, the banks are also increasingly widespread participation and has represented the entire group of banks Book I through Book IV and include the Regional Development Bank (BPD), National Private Banks, Foreign Banks / mixed and state-owned banks.

He said the signing of this is an effort to accelerate the deepening of the BI market rupiah. "Looking ahead to the widespread use of the Mini MRA expect interbank repo market will be formed so that the global implementation of the MRA will later be easier diterapkann even with non-bank financial institutions," he said.

So far, the Bank recorded an average daily volume of repo transactions to mid- February 2014 has reached Rp740 billion increased 6 -fold compared to the period of 2013, or until the February 2014 cumulative ( mtd ) has reached Rp27 trillion. " It is hoped will encourage other banks to join and be active in repo transactions," he said.

The 38 banks include Bank Agris , Antardaerah Bank, Bank Artha Graha International, BNP Paribas Bank Indonesia, Bank Capital Indonesia, CIMB Niaga Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Bank Internasional Indonesia, Bank Economic Welfare, International Mayapada Bank, Bank Mega, Bank Mutiara Bank Nusantara Parahyangan,

Then other banks namely, Bank OCBC NISP, BPD Yogyakarta,  South Kalimantan BPD, BPD Southeast Sulawesi, Bank Permata, Bank Indonesia Purse, Bank QNB Kesawan, SBI Bank Indonesia, Bank Sinarmas, Bank of North Sumatra, the State Savings Bank, Savings Bank National Bank UOB Indonesia, Bank Victoria International, Bank Windu Kentjana International, Bank Yudha Bhakti, Bank West Nusa Tenggara, Central Sulawesi BPD, BPD South Sumatra and Bangka Belitung and BRI Agroniaga.

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