Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Standard Chartered Launches Bancassurance CI 100

Bancassurance products, namely CI 100 was launched along with the data above Standard Chartered nearly 50 % of the population in Indonesia died due to critical illness. Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia launched the latest addition to the features of bancassurance products, namely CI 100, which was developed by Aliianz Life Indonesia. Because these products in order to grow its business this year.

Country Head, Consumer Banking Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia, Lanny Hendra said, the new product is an extension of insurance products that provide additional protection for customers.

"With our 100 CI provide initial protection of the initial conditions (early stage ) until past the worst condition with protection up to age 100 years for 100 diseases," said Lanny, at the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday, February 11, 2014.

Furthermore, she asserts, the launch of this product line with the concern for the increasingly vulnerable critical illness experienced by residents of Indonesia. "Critical illness began to experience population aged 63 years, rising from the trend in the last ten years by the age of 83 years," she said.

Meanwhile, according to data from Standard Chartered nearly above 50 % of the population in Indonesia who died due to experiencing a critical illness.

"In our survey 61 % died due to critical illness, and there are some diseases that cause death such as cancer, stroke, heart and kidney failure, is of concern to us in giving protection to customers, " said Lanny.

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