Thursday, February 13, 2014

Erroneous Government Policy Trigger Surge NPL

Policy issued by the Government is expected not to make the company become jammed in the pay of bank credit . Although generally  the level of non-performing loans (NPL) of national banks in 2014 is still in the safe corridor. However, the wrong policies of the government will be the main drivers of the increase in bad loans.

Similarly, the statement submitted by the Secretary of the National Economic Committee (NEC), Mrs. Aviliani, at the Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, recently. " Actually, it was government policy not to make the companies pay credit congested, " he said .

She considered , the level of NPLs during 2014 is expected to remain in line with the Business Plan (BPB ).  In fact, the banking industry in the country still has good durability and is quite experienced in the face of external shocks.

" Credits  which are medium – small are not too problem. While large companies are going to public. So, the big companies that are less dependent on bank debt," she said .

According to her, the potential increase in NPLs in 2014, this is on government policies that are inconsistent with the dynamics of developing economies. " So, the government should not make policies that suddenly complicate the business world, " she said .

She cited, for example, one of the government's policy is considered disturbing the performance of the business, is a policy ban on the export of raw minerals. "The policy is suddenly, without any lag time, the exporter should export the finished goods, " said Aviliani .

Because the policy in the mining sector has the potential to disrupt the financial performance of large exporters . "Moreover, there is also the imposition of duties (out), which is high. If they do not sell a product, that is precisely their credit is jammed , " she concluded .

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