Thursday, September 11, 2014

HSBC prepares Receivable Reconciliation Solutions

To improve working capital management company, Global Payments and Cash Management, HSBC Indonesia socializing Receivable Reconciliation Solutions to corporate customers. This service is expected to provide many benefits to the consumer goods industry (FMCG). Head of Global Payments and Cash Management HSBC Indonesia, Herani Hermawan said, this solution will automate the process of reconciliation and payment instructions that go with paid accounts number details in the relevant payment instructions.

"Management costs and thin margins are the main complaints by our corporate customers. For that we instituted this solution ", said Herani, the Media Roundtable Discussion, at WTC Building, Jakarta, Thursday, September 11, 2014.

Herani revealed, this solution can also quickly and controlled to reduce the funds that are trapped in a cycle of A / R. This can be achieved by reducing manual processes, costs and operational errors, which in turn can reduce days sales outstanding.

"The new solution will help corporate customers reduce the time required for reconciliation of accounts receivable and days sales outstanding reduced through the system faster payment reconciliation", she said.

This solution will support HSBC's corporate customers to standardize and centralize the process of reconciliation of their accounts in more than 17 markets in Asia Pacific. HSBC plans to extend this solution in order to meet the needs of corporate customers in a variety of other industrial sectors in Indonesia.

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