Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Credit Growth Supports Mega Bank

PT Bank Mega Tbk posted a profit after tax earnings or net profit in the semester I-2014 of IDR 502 billion. The growing number of 105% when compared with net income of the previous year period IDR 245 billion.

President of Bank Mega, Kostaman Thayib says, this sustained increase in net profit by credit growth of 28% to IDR 32.6 trillion. "The increase in credit propped up by corporate credit reaching IDR 11.5 trillion, commercial credit reached IDR 4.6 trillion, and retail credit," said Kostaman, in Jakarta, Tuesday, September 9, 2014.

While the sight of Third Party Fund (DPK) quoted reached IDR 47.5 trillion or up 8% from the reach of the first semester last year which reached IDR 43.9 trillion. In addition, the assets in the semester I-2014 also grew reaching IDR 61.3 trillion. Asset is an increase of 13% from the reach of the semester I-2013, reaching IDR 54.1 trillion .

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