Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bank Muamalat Looking Costumer Selectively

PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia recorded total funding to semester I-2014 of IDR 44 trillion, or 16.38% growth when compared to the financing of the semester I-2013 of IDR 38 trillion. While growing, but growth is slowing a little experience. Corporate Secretary of Bank Muamalat, Sari N. Meitra state, deceleration occurs because the financing condition of the national economy is facing a slowdown. It does not make significant funding, as was the case in previous years.

"It was below target and financing is slowing down. Why slow down? Because investors clearly carefully, when there last Presidential Election, there is a second question which weakened the rupiah exchange rate, "he said, when he was met Infobank, in Jakarta, Tuesday, September 9, 2014.

Moreover, he continued, the attenuation of funding is because export markets are slowing. The attenuation has a significant impact on Islamic banking, Islamic banks focused on remembering the real sector. If the real sector slows down, then the funding will be slowed.

"Bank Syariah slows down, not just Bank Muamalat. But, certainly we also now more selective in finding customers. Before we pursue to the expansion of the asset, then now is a great asset. It's time to be more selective search for customers ", She said.

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