Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Big banks offer High Deposit Rate

Offer higher deposit rates by major banks to depositors-funded, will have an impact on small banks in raising third party fundsThe tight liquidity in the banking, making large national banks desperate to give a large deposit, it is intended that depositors (customers) want to put their money in the bank. The existence of this condition, the war was raised deposit rates, resulting in a pretty tight competition in the banking-big banks. Even banks deposit dare give up to 11% per year for giving large depositors.

In response, the banking analyst, Paul Sutaryono said the high deposit rates offered by the big banks, has indirectly given negative pressure on small banks are only able to provide the average deposit interest rate of 7% -8% per year.

"Deposit rate is high it is usually for a very large nominal aimed at corporations, state enterprises, pension funds. Of course, small banks will be unable to compete in raising third party funding (TPF), "Paul said when contacted Infobank, in Jakarta, Monday, September 22, 2014.

Furthermore, he asked the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to act decisively on the top banks that offer interest deposits up to 11% per year. "Better yet, if the BI rate can be thinned to 7%, so that it can encourage the depletion of deposits offered by the big banks," he said.

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Financial Services Authority, Mr. Hadad. previously said it would call the big banks are scrambling funds of the depositors. Competition deposit interest rate in this segment assessed OJK start worrying, because banks too to the wishes of the depositors.

"Actually competing large banks only. Because the big banks that have large funds. Therefore, we will call them, and dismiss (war of flowers), "said Hadad.

He explained that the competition offered interest big banks to scramble depositors funds occurred because conditions had tightened liquidity. This is exploited by large depositors to increase their bargaining power to obtain interest rates on deposits or deposits.

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