Tuesday, March 17, 2015

CAR is Safe, Mandiri Bank Continues Expansion

PT Bank of Mandiri (Persero) Tbk believes the level of capital adequacy (capital adequacy ratio / CAR) throughout 2015 remained at a safe level, despite continued expansion. Until the end of 2015, the CAR is estimated at the level of 16.2%.

Finance Director of Bank of Mandiri, Pahala N Mansury, said that so far the CAR of Mandiri Bank level was at 16.6%. This figure is safe for the Bank to expand. In fact, these numbers will not be significantly down throughout 2015.

"If until the end of this year, with the new FSA rules in which profits directly at the beginning of the current year is calculated as the CAR, hopefully later this year (CAR can reach) 16.2%," said Pahala, on Monday, 16 in March 2015.

Pahala said, although this time the General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) decided to divide the dividend by 25% of the net profit in 2014 then or equal IDR 4,97 trillion, it still could have a capital adequacy at the level of 16.5%.

"Taking into account the company's expansion this year, the capital adequacy ratio is projected to be reduced by about 0.2% to 0.3%", clearly Pahala.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion, Director of Independent Budi Gunadi Sadikin, say, in the future the Bank will maintain credit quality, although the level of problem loans (non-performing loans / NPL) the company is still considered good when compared with the condition in 2008 in which the NPL penetrate 3%.

"Self comfortable with the current NPL. NPL we are now the lowest in history. We're pretty sure NPL provisioning can be maintained because we are many, we hold above 200%, it shows our conservatism, "added Budi.

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