Monday, February 16, 2015

There Will Be No Bank of Malaysia and Singapore are links to Indonesia

ASEAN Banking Integration Framework (ABIF) specify which banks are able to get into a country with ASEAN quilified specification Bank (QAB). This is done to support the growth of a uniform bank of each country in ASEAN.

Deputy Commissioner of Banking Supervision of the Financial Services Authority, Mulya E. Siregar said, a real example of an agreement on earlier ABIF is there will be no bank of Malaysia and Singapore into the country. This will continue to happen until banks in the country were able to open their branches in both countries.

"It's like playing football, we have already lost 3-0 compared to Singapore. So, if we've opened 3 banks there, they may add another new here, "he explained, in the event Metland Economy and Business Outlook 2015.

He continued, there are at least some state-owned bank that was getting ready to open branches abroad. However, he was not sure when its realization.

Still according Mulya, to be able to open branches abroad, not just banks BUKU 4 is capable of. BUKU other banks are also capable long as it has good performance.

"In the past, domestic banks could not open branches abroad with regulatory reasons. Now, our regulations are open. So, stay banking course, want when it started to open branches abroad, "he concluded.

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