Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NPL Trade Increase, Bank Keep Trade Quality

Banking credit  which majority related with trade quite worrying, because there is an increase in NPL. Awaiting bank loans that were sucked into the trade sector (trade) should receive more attention, at a time when increasing the ratio of non-performing loans (NPLs) in the sector. Head of the Division of Economic Risks, LPS, Doddy Ariefianto say, an increase in nominal NPLs to 30% on last year. "Mining and agriculture have long since export performance down. New comer manufacturing and trading is a trading concern because the market share of 20% in both the GDP and credit, "he said in Jakarta, Wednesday, February 11th, 2015.

He explained that the increase in NPLs in the trade and manufacturing sectors which reached 30% is also affected jebloknya Indonesia's export performance over-reliance on commodities or materials mentas as mining and agriculture.

According to him, the credit disbursement to entrepreneurs in the real sector itself can not be separated from the ability to pay the loan installments both principal and interest. Worrying, Doddy said, because there is the addition of receivables or inventory cycle which is usually sold in 58 days as in 2013, last year increased to around 65 days.

"The additional 10 days is greatly affect the company's liquidity. When the crisis in 2008, it could be 80 days (stock of new goods sold), "he said.

Therefore, the banking industry was asked to be on guard in lending, and pay attention to the quality of its assets. "2015, the banks still have to be careful for credit disbursement. Do not speeding. It (the economy) is not allowed. Growing (credit) 14-15% I think enough, "Doddy lid.

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