Monday, February 9, 2015

BTN is Optimistic to Press NPL in Level 3%

The Company believes the program one million units per year provides a great opportunity to boost the company's business performance. Director of the BTN Tbk, Maryono set the amount of bad loans or non-performing loan (NPL) at close to 3% this year. As for the NPL in 2014 is estimated to be below 4%. "If the NPL in 2014 is likely to remain below 4%, I can not say, must wait for the results of the audit," said Maryono, in Jakarta, last weekend.

Furthermore Maryono explained, BTN bad loans in most of it comes from construction financing. While the lowest non-performing loans coming from the home subsidy.

This means, the housing finance sector in BTN not having problems as other financing. Because housing loans in BTN so far come from the public civil servants (PNS).

Of the own credit, total loans in 2014 BTN has reached IDR115 trillion. If the trend of increasing liability company credits consistent at 17-18% level, credit this year is expected to reach IDR 125 trillion.

The Company is optimistic with the growth, considering the BTN take part in the government program to resolve problems or needs housing backlog Indonesia reached 13.6 million households.

As is known, this year, the government of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) encourage decent housing into the development program of one million units per year. So that the instruction they provide great opportunities in menddongkrak business performance of the company. "The fulfillment house can not be obtained 1 million units per year, most could reach 300-400 thousand houses," he said.

However, Maryono said, in fulfillment of one million units of the house there is a problem currently faced included the provision of limited land, rapid population increase, licensing issues, infrastructure and bank financing.

Nevertheless, he still believes it can be overcome with government policy in terms of ease of licensing by streamlining the licensing regulations of 28 rules to 8 regulations. To relieve the public to buy a house.

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