Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Relying on Asset Recovery, Bank Mutiara Stakes Profit IDR 48 Billion

Bank Mutiara is targeting net profit amounting to IDR 48 billion, the figure is around 60% or Rp28,8 billion is contributed by the asset recovery. PT Bank Mutiara Tbk (BCIC) targets a net profit in 2015 amounted to IDR 48 billion. Profit after tax contribution of the asset recovery, which the customer installment whose jammed credit, will be sold.

According to Director of Bank Mutiara, Ahmad Fajar, the majority shareholder of Bank Mutiara namely J trust, wants the former Century Bank to record profit in the financial statements 2015. "They want us immediately posted a profit, but in 2015 we were more moderate and conservative dikisaran Rp48 billion after tax, "he said, in International Financial Centre (IFC), Jakarta, Tuesday, December 30, 2014.

Furthermore, he explained, from the target of IDR 48 billion, approximately 60% or IDR 28,8 billion was contributed by the asset recovery,  which the customer installment whose jammed credit, will be sold.. Apart from the sale of assets, Bank Mutiara will also boost interest income and non-interest income.

"Outside of that target, J Trust (the owner of Bank Mutiara) will also introduce the fee-based income through cross border transactions," said Fajar.

He added, that it continues to focus on improving conditions in line with the bank's capital injections are given by J Trust, especially in the field of technology and human resources. In addition, Fajar is optimistic that the company will continue to grow in lending to the SME sector and maintain the principle of prudence.

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