Thursday, November 6, 2014

Garuda Indonesia Citi Credit Card Relaunched

Garuda Indonesia Citi Credit Card was first introduced in 2006, and is now back with the additional benefits and advantages. Citi Indonesia and PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk launched cooperation with Garuda Indonesia Citi Credit Card with the added benefit of a fairly special. Some of the additional benefits provided there was expected to increase the customer satisfaction.

Country Business Manager, Global Consumer Banking, Citi Indonesia, Lauren Sulistiawati said Garuda Indonesia Citi Credit Card was first introduced in 2006, and now again present the benefits and additional benefits to further improve the quality of the travel experience of the cardholder.

"We are pleased to bring Garuda Indonesia Citi Card with additional benefits. This card is the first travel credit card, which was launched in Indonesia, "said Lauren, the relaunch event Garuda Indonesia Citi Card, The Restaurant Flower Goela, Jakarta, Thursday, November 6, 2014.

Citi and Garuda Indonesia recognizes that the people of Indonesia often travel with family or colleagues. Therefore, the benefits of Garuda Indonesia Citi Credit Card is also extended to provide benefits to cardholders and co-travels.

On the same occasion, Executive Vice President Marketing and Sales of Garuda Indonesia, Erik Maijer say, air travel has become an integral part of the middle class and upper middle in Indonesia. Cooperation with Citi Indonesia will increase the need of the community.

"These reforms will strengthen the position of Garuda Indonesia Citi Credit card as the best in class travel. I think today's relaunch of the first launch. Moreover, this product has actually been there 8 years.  8 is lucky number. I think it's a good number for this product refresh ", added Erik

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