Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rupiah Weakening, Bank of Indonesia's Rate to Be Up Again

Although Indonesian Rupiah continues struck by the U.S. dollar, up to Rp12.000 per USD , BTN has so far not felt the direct impact . This is because the BTN is not active in export and import activities .
Rupiah exchange rate against the U.S. dollar ( U.S. ) had touched on the level Rp12.000 per USD . BTN ( Persero ) Tbk ( BTN ) admitted , the weakening rupiah occurred no significant impact on the company , although there is a trend in the BI Rate will rise again .

Chief Director of BTN , Maryono asserted , so far BTN does not have a business directly related to the currency Uncle Sam . Because BTN until now has not been doing activities related to export and import the world so that the attenuation does not have a direct impact on the BTN .

"If the Indonesian Rupiah with the reprieve , BTN does not have a direct connection with dollar business . However , indirectly it definitely takes time . That is, if the weakness continues what will go down temporarily , if this course is continuously weakened the authority of BI in react , "said Maryono , when met at Menara BTN , Jakarta , Friday, November 29, 2013 .

Given the Bank Indonesia ( BI ) has raised its benchmark interest rate to 7.5 % in order to increase the attractiveness of rupiah in the foreign exchange market . However, the Bank 's decision will result in the increase in lending rates . Responding to the Maryono asserted , that during the BI rate has risen to 7.5%, it had little influence on the growth of credit .

" To the credit growth has not been affected as well I guess . So , I say if the rupiah continued to weaken the impact indirectly , not directly , " he said .

Meanwhile , with the recent weakening of the Rupiah , Maryono explains , the rupiah had weakened to Rp12.000 per U.S. is so far not interfere with the company . "If the Indonesian rupiah is weakening long course interest rates will be rising again . Well , it depends on the BI . But if it is only temporary so not a problem I think , " he concluded .

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