Monday, November 4, 2013

Indonesian Banks Still Dominate to Fund Long Term Projects

Capital markets are expected to meet that need and become a long-term financing alternatives .

The banking industry is still dominant than the stock market in terms of providing long-term financing . This makes a lot of banks competing aggressively pursue and Third Party Funds ( TPF ) as deposits for long-term financing needs are so great .

" Long-term financing from banking about 60 % , " said Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority ( FSA ), Mr. Muliaman D. Hadad, when the Capital Market Journalists workshop in Bali, 2 November 2013 .

However, he added, it is not sufficient to meet the high demand for long-term financing in Indonesia. He hopes the future of capital markets can also be meet that need and long-term financing alternatives .

To support this, Indonesia re- activate their membership in IOSCO ( International Organization of Securities Commissions ) that beremarkas in Madrid . IOSCO is a reference to the setting of global capital markets, as well as the Basel Committee for banking sector .

IOSCO re- launched to make the capital market as a source penbiayaan long term, not just for big business but also for small and medium-sized enterprises.

This is in line with the FSA wishes during this time, so that the future of capital markets increasingly attractive alternative for investors because many stock options .

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