Monday, June 8, 2015

Muamalat Provides Financing to BESS Finance

In order to increase the exposure of financing the consumer and corporate segments, Bank Muamalat provide financing facility to BESS Finance. PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia (Bank Muamalat) signed a cooperation agreement with PT heralds Sinergies Finance (BESS Finance) associated with extended financing facility from Bank Muamalat to BESS Finance.

In the agreement, Bank Muamalat provide financing facilities amounting to IDR 200 billion to BESS Finance. Given the finance portfolio Muamalat bank BESS Finance planned to be used as working capital to finance consumer.

Retail Banking Director of Bank Muamalat, Adrian A. Gunadi said loan disbursement scheme covers a period of 36 months including the disbursement of allowances to attract over 12 months with each withdrawal up to a maximum of 24 months.

According to him, the distribution of this funding will also increase the exposure of Bank Muamalat financing, especially in the consumer and corporate segments. Besides this financing is expected to increase interest in more walks of life to be able to transact sharia.

"Cooperation with the BESS Finance will complete spectrum of Bank Muamalat for the public service, in addition to the risks faced financing will be more diversified," added Adrian.

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