Wednesday, June 24, 2015

DP Vehicle Loans Decrease 20%

In order to ease the consumers in terms of advances and encourage bank credit, Bank Indonesia lowered the down payment so Vehicle Loans 20%. Bank Indonesia (BI) claims, in addition to loosening the rules of the Loan to Value (LTV) or the ratio of Financing to Value (FTV) for property loans, the central bank also lowered the down payment (Down Payment / DP) for Vehicle Loans .

Director of the Department of macroprudential policy Bank Indonesia, Yati Kurniati detailing, for this type of two-wheeled vehicles, credit / financing both conventional and Sharia Vehicle Loans respectively to 20%

As for for three or more wheels are nonproductive, respectively to 25%, and a tricycle or more productive 20% respectively. "DP of Vehicle Loans, 25% original two-wheel, tricycle or more nonproductive 30% and 20% productive," said Yati in BI Building, Jakarta, Wednesday, June 24, 2015.

According to him, the decline in advances for motor vehicle loans, aims to ease the consumers in terms of advances. In addition, it is also expected to have an impact on improving bank credit that is currently slowing.

She added, easing down payment is stipulated in Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) No.17 / 10 / PBI / 2015 regarding the LTV ratio or the ratio of FTV, credit or financing for property and credit advances or financing of motor vehicles.

"The change in this provision contained in the rule 17/10 / PBI / 2015 apply on June 18, 2015," Yati lid.

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