Thursday, October 9, 2014

Treasury and Investment Solutions is Worth Held by the Company

One of the keys to success for a financial institution is to have an application solution that can ensure compliance with regulations and minimize the risk of business process execution. This was stated by the Chief Executive Officer of PT Sigma Cipta Caraka (telkomsigma), Judi Achmadi, when the "Business Executive Session," at the Intercontinental Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday, October 9, 2014.

According to him, if it still has a small-scale business with a transaction that only dozens may not be difficult to do it manually, but what if the financial transaction is done already in the hundreds or even thousands per day? "Treasury and investment is a financial management company like any good done by small-scale, medium and large," he explained.

Jac, her nickname, explaining, Treasury and Investment Arium solution has the ability to process transactions in detail and thoroughly. All types of transactions treasury, investment and asset management already covered by Arium. "Significantly improved efficiency, the work routine daily operations reduced by 70%," he said.

Telkomsigma with Triaset Sdn Bhd as an exlusive partner in Indonesia is currently implementing a pilot projet in one of the finance companies (multi) in Indonesia. The solution is considered compatible and can adopt central bank and government regulation, where it is proven by the implementation of this solution in several banks in the region and Midldle Southeaset East Asia.

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